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எகிப்து இஸ்லாமிய சர்வாதிகாரத்துக்கு எதிராக எகிப்து கிறிஸ்துவர்கள் மாபெரும் ஊர்வலம்

எகிப்து இஸ்லாமிய சர்வாதிகாரத்துக்கு எதிராக எகிப்து கிறிஸ்துவர்கள் மாபெரும் ஊர்வலம்

The Copts expose Muslims terror in sweeping demonstrations all over the Western world

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No one on earth knows Islam and muslims better than the Copts. Will the West get the message and wake up?

All the reports we posted about muslims' terror attacks, and the persecution of Arab governments of the native Christian minorities, were not aimed to plead with Western governments for the sake of the Copts or the Christians of the Middle East, these governments can't even control the muslim populations in their own countries, but to expose to the Western public the amount of hate, rage, and viciousness ordinary muslim "moderates," are capable of, which is limitless, for the cause of allah. All this hate and viciousness exist already in the West with well organized, well financed cells, more motivated, more creative, more indoctrinated, more recruiting and in much more better position than prior to 911. They even hold their own motivational gatherings, seminars, and became bolder and more immune than ever before.

Did Western populations became the hostage of islam or collateral damage for the special interests and the Arab lobby?

We made sure at all times that every US administration, the Congress, and all Western governments were fully informed and documented by all Coptic organizations, human rights organizations, and their Embassies of the quasi official ethnic cleansing going on against all native Middle Eastern Christians. But in their equation, their special interests with the muslim world and particularly the oil lobby, made their defense for universal human rights, and freedom of religion principles, just empty words, even disregarding an all out islamic radicalization, in Egypt and across the muslim world that ultimately feeds islamic terrorism in the West.

Los Angeles Times

In the midst of continuing sectarian tensions between Muslims and Coptic Christians in Egypt [Read: continuing muslims attacks] the Coptic Diaspora has recently called for demonstrations in the U.S. and European cities. [There will be demonstrations also in Canada and Australia.]

Hundreds of Coptic migrants took to the streets in the Netherlands, France and the U.S., raising banners reading "Save Christians in Egypt," "Stop Islamic Terrorism" and "Help! Christians of Egypt are under attack."

The protests follow an eruption of violence between Muslims and Copts [Read: eruption of muslims violent attacks against the peaceful Copts] in several parts of Egypt. Last month a land dispute involving a Coptic monastery left one Muslim man killed [This muslim never set foot in the monastery, and neither his body, nor any autopsy report were ever produced] in the southern province of Menya. Four Copts, including two monks, were injured. The clash [Again, read: the muslim terrorists thugs attack. The monks never clashed with the thug’s attackers] arose after the monastery began building a wall around neighboring farming land, saying it belonged to the church. Days earlier in Cairo, four Copts were shot dead in a jewelry shop by two gunmen who fled without stealing anything. [Egypt is a police state, if the four slaughtered were muslims, the police would've got the perpetrators in less than 24 hours.]

Egypt is predominantly Sunni Muslim; the Coptic minority is believed to constitute almost 10% of a population of 78 million. [Copts in Egypt numbers no less than 18% (14-15 millions), by the Coptic Church estimate. Since the military coup d’état (military putsch), in 1952, all consecutive governments refused to do any census, to marginalize the Copts who are represented by 0.88% in the Egyptian parliament, one government Minister, and 0% in everything else including the media, sport teams, and even in show business.] An estimated 2 million Copts live in the Diaspora.

[Read: 2 million that were forced to leave. Dr. Magdy Yacoub, the most prominent and world renowned heart surgeon in the world, based in London, Britain, and knighted by the Queen, was told bluntly, after graduating, 1st of his class from medical school in Egypt: "don't expect to have a future in the university as a teacher, there is no room for a Christian donkey here, we don't want you here." This is the, "Academic," language the distinguished medical school professors used, if that tells you something.

The same thing could be said about a great number of the most prominent Coptic doctors in the Cleveland Clinic and all over the Western world, just to name two examples. Dr., Professor, Sir Magdi Yacoub, and the prominent Coptic doctors of the Cleveland Clinic paid back those muslim Egyptians that called them Coptic donkeys and threw them out, in a very special way.

For more than 25 years, Dr.Yacoub takes his whole medical team; twice a year to Egypt, giving up his holidays, to give life by providing free heart surgery for poor children that otherwise would have no chance of surviving. That's beside the lectures he gives, to the top Egyptian medical professors. He established and developed heart surgery departments in several medical schools, lobbied international organizations and Western governments to provide all the medical equipments necessary for these departments, provided scholarships and internships to a score of Egyptian doctors to train under his guidance in Britain, all for free.

Anwar Sadat, one of the biggest oppressors of the Copts during his presidency, and responsible for two infamous Copt massacres, declared publicly in the Egyptian parliament, "I am a muslim president of a muslim country, ” when he was shot, immediately his wife called the Egyptian Embassy in London to prepare a private plane to transport Dr. Yacoub in emergency to Cairo. But the God of the Copts was faster in treating him and took him to where mohammad, his buddy, was, before Dr. Yacoub boarded the plane.

Imagine for a second, if president Bush declared solemnly and publicly in a speech televised nationally from the US Congress, "I am a Christian president for a Christian country." What you think would happen? I'll leave that to you.

Dr. Yacoub, "The Coptic donkey," is more famous in Egypt than the president, Hosni Mubarak. He is regarded as a virtual deity, revered, almost God-like.

The same story, from beginning to end, could be told about Dr. Fawzy G. Estafanous, chairman, Division of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. He is another world renowned, "Coptic Donkey," that his contribution to the Cleveland Clinic, for the last forty years, made it what it is today. To be treated by him, all the kings and presidents (the gang) of the Arab world, made the Clinic their medical Mecca, and trust their lives into the hands of Dr. Estafanous rather than their allah and mohammad's recipe of camel urine.

He also paid back those muslim Egyptians that forced him out, by denying him an assistant professor position, in the same manner as Dr.Yacoub. He was instrumental in advancing medical studies all over the Arab world, establishing advanced research center, giving the opportunity to scores of Egyptian and arab doctors to be trained in the Clinic under his, and other Copt doctors, guidance. Treated scores of poor Egyptians with his team, all free.

The contribution of the Copts to Egypt was not limited to the medical field with these two examples from many others.

Dr.Adel Sedra was refused a teacher assistant position at the faculty of engineering, Cairo University to pursue graduate studies for being another, 'Coptic donkey." He too paid back, by opening the door, and providing scholarships to scores of Egyptian muslim engineers in the most prestigious world class engineering faculties of Toronto and Waterloo Universities for which he's the Dean, and helped establish the most advanced technology research centers in many Egyptian universities.

Hundreds of stories could be told, but we'll stop here and ask a question: did all this changed the hearts and minds of Egyptian muslims towards the Copts? to answer this I'll ask you another question that will help you get the answer. Did the opportunities and the open arms hospitality extended by Britain changed the minds and hearts of the suicide "Doctor," bombers? Did it changed the hearts and minds of Abu Hamza el Masri, Abu Qatada, and scores of other muslims when Britain granted them asylum to save them from hanging at the end of a rope in their own countries, and provided them, and their extended families, security, housing, and a comfortable life, all compliment from the British tax payer? did it changed the hearts and minds of Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind sheikh and mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing when America let him in to save him from the hands of the Egyptian government, or El Amoudi, or Sami El Erian that was given generously the opportunity to live the American dream?

There is another measurement we can use to gauge the muslims equation. On who's hearts and minds, Western countries spent and will keep spending (from your pocket) trillions of dollars to try, with no guarantee, to keep you safe? Who's "hearts and minds," are draining all the resources of all the Intelligence agencies of the Western world, that has to monitor those hearts and minds, especially their worship places, round the clock?

Add to this the hundreds of millions of dollars Western governments dump (also from your pocket) on what they call (please don't laugh) the battle of hearts and minds.

A muslim that takes mohammad as a role model, and call him, "The most honorable of all prophets," can't have neither hearts nor minds. This is not an opinion; this is the doctrine of islam. Once a muslim discover the existence of a heart and mind, he is not a muslim any more, and islam would consider him a heretic deserving death for committing the unforgivable sin for not using the heart and mind of mohammad, the most famous mass murderer in history (it's all by the admission of their sources, nothing from me), and they're proud about it. That's the only heart and mind any muslim is allowed to use.

Do you know of any major world religion that has its places of worship, its spiritual leaders, and its "devout" followers under constant surveillance in every Western country, other than the, "Religion of peace?"

When President Bush and other Western officials give us the, "Islam religion of peace," salvo, they should finish the sentence, "Islam is a religion of peace, under constant surveillance." That explains why they never laughed when saying it, it kept me wondering for a while. Thank God for never saying that Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Confuciunism, and ... are religions of peace. They would've been sued, by the followers of these religions, for hate speech and slandering.

It's worth noting that the professors of the medical and engineering faculties that benefitted, and still benefitting greatly from the Copts mentioned above, are known to be the most hateful against Coptic students, and the most fundamentalists. It's not a coincidence that Zawahri is a doctor, and Ben Laden is an engineer.]

Since Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak came to power in 1981, the Coptic Church has sought to project an image of religious co-existence and has not turned to inflammatory discourse on sectarian violence. Yet the response to the recent bloodshed suggests that the church is about to change its style. This month the Coptic Holy Senate issued a relatively strongly worded statement calling on Mubarak to put an end to armed attacks against Copts and ensure their safety.

[We never got any reply from Mubarak, nor he ever uttered a word about the safety concern of 15 million, supposedly, Egyptian citizens. But he doesn't stop parading himself like a super model all over the Middle East and Europe (he hasn't been invited in the US since 2004, Bush can't stand him no more.), as the defender of the Palestinian rights, but he sees no problem for the Copts with no rights. As a side note, him and his family stole about 40 billion in the last 27 years, while his people stand in line and kill themselves for a loaf of bread. These are the thugs they call presidents and kings, defenders of the great religion of truth, so what you expect out of their people.]

The church, which refrains from publicly criticizing the regime, has often distanced itself from the demands made by its followers overseas. This week violence broke out between Copts and Muslims over a rumor of the kidnapping of a Muslim woman and her son in Fayoum province, about 80 miles south of Cairo. One Muslim reportedly died of a heart attack and four Copts were injured in the clashes.

The tension comes at a crucial moment for the Coptic Orthodox Church as the frail Pope Shenouda III is away for medical treatment in the U.S. at the Cleveland Clinic.

— Noha El-Hennawy in Cairo

Photo: Copts demonstrating in the Netherlands. Credit: the Coptic website Coptreal

Next demonstration schedules

We welcome all who want to join us in our common fight against islamic terrorism

Sidney Australia: Saturday, July 5, 2008. Rallying point at the Museum Station at 11 AM.

Ottawa Canada: Saturday, July 5, 2008

Buses will be provided free from Montreal and Toronto, we will return in the afternoon, same day.

Rallying point for Montreal residents: Fairview Shopping Center (Sears)

6815 RTE Transcanadienne (ST- Jean & HWY 40), Pointe Claire, QC, H9R 5J1

The Coptic Association organizers for the Greater Toronto area will announce the rallying point as soon it is available.

For those joining us in Ottawa, we will be rallying front of the Parliament building from 12 to 2 PM, with several MP joining us. Then we will walk to the Egyptian Embassy, we will be front of the Embassy from 3 PM, and we’ll leave for the return trip from the Embassy site at 4 PM.

For more information, call:

Dr. Naguib Selim, head of the Canadian Coptic association, phone # 514 485 4550

Mr. Victor Shahid (For the Toronto and Mississauga area), phone # 416 937 5734

Dr. Nabih Abdel Malek (for the Ottawa area), phone #613 745 5851

We will post the schedules for demonstrations in the US as soon it is available.

We are proud of all the people, who joined the demonstration in Paris, France (Copts and non Copts), and the organizers of the French Coptic Assossiation who made it a great success and provided us with these pictures.

Also proud of the Dutch Coptic association, and all the people who took part in the demonstration in Holland and sent us those pictures

Good job folks, God bless you.


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