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மேல்ஜாதி ஏழைகளுக்கு 14 சதவீதம் இட ஒதுக்கீடு- ராஜஸ்தான் அரசு அறிவிப்பு

பிராம்மணர்கள், வைசியர்கள், ராஜபுத்திரர்களை சேர்ந்த மேல்ஜாதி ஏழைகளுக்கு 14 சதவீதம் இட ஒதுக்கீடு என்று பாரதிய ஜனதா ஆளும் ராஜஸ்தான் அரசு அறிவிப்பு. இந்த அறிவிப்பு குஜார்களுக்கு தனி இட ஒதுக்கீட்டை அறிவித்து முதல்வர் வசுந்தரா ராஜி அவர்கள் அறிவித்ததோடு சேர்த்து அறிவிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.

Gujjar agitation comes to an end
Sunny Sebastian
5 per cent special reservation for them along with Banjaras, Gadia Luhars and Raikas
Raje announces 14 per cent reservation for Economically Backward Communities

JAIPUR: The Gujjars on Wednesday called off their 27-day violent agitation following an agreement with the Rajasthan government.

What is assured to them now falls short of their demand for Scheduled Tribe status but provides 5 per cent special reservation for them along with Banjaras, Gadia Luhars and Raikas, all pastoral, nomadic communities.

The agitation had brought most of the State and many parts of northern India to a standstill and claimed 39 lives in Rajasthan alone.

The announcement came at a joint press conference addressed by Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, convener of the Gujjar Arakashan Sangarsh Samiti Kirori Singh Bainsla and Bharatiya Janata Party national treasurer Ramdas Agarwal.

Mr. Bainsla, who remained rooted to the Delhi-Mumbai rail track at Pilupura in Bayana tehsil of Bharatpur district for the first 25 days, sought forgiveness from people for “the difficulties they had to face” due to the agitation.

Ms. Raje too apologised for all the trouble. “I am happy that the agitation is over. We have to keep all with us. And some sections need additional support,” she said.

“It is a new beginning. This will ensure peace and the Gujjar community would join hands to work for the development of Rajasthan,” Mr. Bainsla said.

“It was a difficult and complicated situation. We could solve it satisfactorily with everyone’s cooperation,” Mr. Agarwal said.

The Chief Minister and others on the dais did not entertain any questions and journalists were left guessing about a proposed letter the State is writing to the Centre on ST status for Gujjars.

Letter to Centre

The community leaders talked about a letter being sent by the State to the Centre, but BJP leaders, including Mr. Agarwal, said the letter would be a communication in response to a letter from the Centre on December 3, 1999 and another received in January 23, on the communities to be brought under the ST category.

Yet Mr. Bainsla spoke about a “chitti” (letter) they had been clamouring for all through.

“Khat mila sukun mili (The letter brought bliss). I give credit to all; to those martyrs and others. Now the Centre should not any more delay according ST status to Gujjars,” he said.

After the press meet, Ms. Raje announced 14 per cent reservation for the EBCs (Economically Backward Communities) such as Brahmins, Rajputs and Vaishyas on the basis of an interim report of the Rajasthan EBC Commission, headed by Shashikant Sharma.

The Wednesday’s announcements take the total reservation in the State to 68 per cent.

Till now it had 49 per cent quota reserved — the Scheduled Tribes 12 per cent, the Scheduled Castes 16 per cent and Other Backward Communities 21 per cent.

Gujjars will now enjoy reservation in government jobs and educational institutions and in election of representatives to the panchayati raj and local self-government bodies.

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