Monday, March 07, 2011

மசூதியில் சிறுவர்களை கற்பழிததற்காக முஸ்லீம் இமாமுக்கு சிறைதண்டனை

மசூதியில் சிறுவர்களை கற்பழிததற்காக முஸ்லீம் இமாமுக்கு சிறைதண்டனை

Pervert imam faces sentence over rape and sexual assault
COURT DATE: Mohammed Hanif Khan.

RAPIST imam Mohammed Hanif Khan will be sentenced next week.

The pervert has been remanded in custody since being convicted of raping a schoolboy at his mosque and sexually assaulting a second boy.

Now Khan will find out how long he will spend behind bars when he is sentenced on Friday, March 18.

Nottingham Crown Court heard in January how the two victims, who were under 18, attended the mosque in Capper Street, Tunstall, where Khan was the imam.

The 41-year-old raped one of the boys following prayers at his mosque, while he assaulted the second boy at his then home in Crestfield Road, Meir.

The jury failed to reach a verdict on a third allegation of rape and one of attempted rape.

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சொர்ககத்துல அல்லா தர்ற 72 கன்னிகள் தேவையில்ல அந்த இமாமுக்கு போல