Sunday, August 02, 2009

இஸ்லாமிய ஷரியாவுக்கு எதிரான பயணத்தின் காரணமாக மூன்று பெண்டிர் கொலை

குடும்ப உறவினர் அல்லாத ஒருவருடன் பயணம் செய்ததால், அது இஸ்லாமிய கருத்துக்கு எதிரானதென்று அந்த பெண்மணியையும் அந்த பெண்மணியின் இரண்டு மகள்களையும் கொன்றிருக்கிறார் ஒரு சொந்தக்காரர்.

Man kills sister, two nieces

By Fazal Sher

ISLAMABAD: A man on Friday gunned down his sister and two daughters in Koral for one of her nieces’ travel to Multan with a ‘stranger’.

The alleged killer, Irfan, fled before police reached the Gangle house where Samina, 40, and her two daughters, Tehmina, 15, and Madeeha, 18, were found in a pool of blood.

Police said Irfan had a word with her sister, Samina, for her daughter Tehmina’s travel to Multan with a person, who was not their family member. They collected evidence from the site of the murder and shifted bodies to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) for autopsy.

The bodies were later handed over to the family for burial.

Police said they had begun investigation into the murder after formally registering a case but had yet to arrest the alleged killer.

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