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3 வயது முஸ்லீம் குழந்தையை கொன்ற முஸ்லீம் பயங்கரவாதிகளை எதிர்த்து காஷ்மீரில் மாபெரும் போராட்டம்

3 வயது முஸ்லீம் குழந்தையை கொன்ற முஸ்லீம் பயங்கரவாதிகளை எதிர்த்து காஷ்மீரில் மாபெரும் போராட்டம் என்று எழுத ஆசைதான். ஆனால், முஸ்லீம் பயங்கரவாதிகள் அப்பாவி குழந்தைகளையும் பெண்களையும் ஆண்களையும் கொன்றால், முஸ்லீம்களுக்கு எந்த கோபமும் வராது. அவர்களை எதிர்த்து எந்த போராட்டமும் நடத்தமாட்டார்கள்.

காஷ்மீர் அரசிடம் சம்பளம் வாங்கும் முஸ்லீம் போலீஸ்காரர் காஷ்மீர் பெண் ஒருத்தியை கற்பழித்து கொலை செய்துவிட்டார் என்று கடந்த இரண்டுமாதமாக கடுமையாக போராடி வருகிறார்கள் காஷ்மீர் முஸ்லீம் மக்கள்.

ஆனால், முஸ்லீம் பயங்கரவாதி செய்தால் மூச்சே இருக்காது.

Another attack threatens Shopian peacePost CommentLarger | Smaller Majid Jahangir
Tags : Shopian district, militants, Kashmir
Posted: Friday , Jul 24, 2009 at 0323 hrs

A three-year-old boy and his father were gunned down by suspected militants in south Kashmir’s Shopian district. The killing of the duo is the fifth in the district in the last eight days. The man had survived an attack in April while his mother was killed.

Shopian SP Shahid Mehraj said a group of militants knocked on the house of Mohammad Aslam Awan last night and asked the inmates to open the door.

“Awan picked his three-year-old son Arif Ahmad, thinking that the sight of the child in his lap would stop the militants from opening fire. But the militants fired indiscriminately on the family, killing Awan and his son,” Mehraj said.

Immediately after the incident, police and security forces rushed to the spot and cordoned the village to nab the gunmen, but no one was arrested. Police said they were told by the family that the gunmen were carrying assault rifles. The post-mortem of the two bodies was conducted in the Sub District Hospital, Keller. “We are investigating why militants killed Awan and his son,” Mehraj said. No militant group has so far claimed responsibility for the killings.

Almost three months ago, Awan had survived a bid on his life when suspected militants attacked his home in a similar manner. On April 16 evening, gunmen had attacked the same house and Awan was seriously injured in the shooting. His 50-year-old mother Reshma died in the attack. Awan was in a Srinagar hospital for over 50 days and he returned home a month ago.

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