Sunday, October 23, 2011

சிறுவனை பாலுறவு பலாத்காரம் செய்த இமாம் இங்கிலாந்தில் கைது

Boy rape-bid shame of devout Muslim

Date online: 17 October 2011
A DEVOUT Muslim who was a pillar of his religious and social community in Oldham, has been jailed for six years after attempting to rape a young boy.

Firuj Miah (62) carried out the sex attack shortly after attending prayers at his local mosque, where he regularly worshipped up to five times a day.

Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court was told that Miah, who was later in complete denial about what he had done, took the youngster to a wooded area near his home, where he attacked him.

Fearful that the boy might tell others what had happened, he put his hands around his throat, squeezed hard, and warned him to keep silent.

He then returned to his own home where he immediately washed his clothing in a bid to wipe away all traces of the assault.

After being arrested by police, he later also tried to wash his private parts in a toilet while in custody, so that no evidence could be found to confirm the boy’s allegations against him.

Sentencing him Miah, of Widdop Street, North Moor, judge Peter Lakin said: “This boy felt powerless and afraid, and he even thought he might die.”

He said it had been a sustained attack, there had been an element of abduction involved, and Miah had made matters worse by trying to frustrate police inquiries.

He told him: “You are a devout Muslim follower and you have brought shame on your family and community.”

Judge Lakin said it was clear that the only reason Miah did not fully rape the boy was that he had been physically unable to do so.

Barrie Darby, prosecuting, had told the court that Miah had persuaded the reluctant boy to go with him to the wooded area, having made up an excuse to make him go with him.

He then grabbed him by the arms and threatened him, before trying to kiss him. The youngster tried to push him away, but he again threatened him, and pushed him to the ground where he assaulted him.

Mr Darby said the boy managed to get away, and was brave enough to tell his family what had happened, and they immediately contacted the police.

When interviewed Miah at first denied all the allegations. The victim had been left feeling frightened to go out.

Paul MacDonald defending, said his client’s guilty plea to a charge of attempted rape had spared the youngster from having to give evidence in court.

He said he was a man with no previous convictions, who had led a blameless and hard-working life until the attack.

He said: “The last few weeks have brought him to the depths of despair. It marks his darkest hour.

“His fall from grace is profound. Nothing that this court can do will ever remove the stain of shame and guilt that he feels.”

He said his client’s social and religious life had revolved around the community in which he lived, adding: “The sad fact is that it is that community which has now shunned him, and turned its back on him.”

Mr MacDonald said why his client had committed the offence was not known, but it had been an “uncharacteristic and shameful act” which he said was “astonishing.”

Miah was also disqualified indefinitely from working with under-age youngsters, and when released will have to keep the police fully notified of his whereabouts.

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