Tuesday, April 10, 2012

இந்திய கலாச்சாரமும் எகிப்திய கலாச்சாரமும்

Woman wanted Indian driver, got Egyptian, got raped

Kuwaiti widow says she was raped by Egyptian driver for four hours

An ill Kuwaiti widow who wanted to shuttle between her house and the hospital went to a taxi company and asked them to assign her an Indian driver. Instead, they sent her an Egyptian, who raped her at gun point for four hours. 
The woman, suffering from Atherosclerosis (artery disease), recounted her ordeal with the driver, who was arrested but could be released for lack of evidence. She said the man raped her late night and left her in a deserted area after she refused to voluntarily have sex with him. 
“I had gone to that company and asked for an Indian driver but they sent me an Egyptian one…when I protested, they said that was the only one available,” the unnamed woman told the Kuwaiti Al Rai newspaper. 
“I had no choice because that company is the cheapest in town…one night, the Egyptian driver took me to hospital and then returned to take me back home…it was after midnight and he started to press me to have sex with him.” 
The woman said she rebuked him and replied that she is suffering from serious illness, adding that he suddenly pulled a gun and aimed it at her head. 
“He then put a piece of cloth on my mouth and I lost consciousness…when I woke up four hours later, I found myself naked with him…he then said to me ‘I slept with you by force….what happened has happened and you have no choice but to keep sleeping with me and keep your mouth shut.” 
The woman said the driver then left her in a deserted area, adding that she waved for many cars to stop but they did not. 
“They thought I was drunk because I was still swaying…finally a driver stopped and gave me a lift back home…I could not stop crying that night and on the next morning, I told my sister, who took me to the police station.” 
She said she had been told that the rapist could be released soon. “I don’t know what to say…after all that he had done to me, they want to free him…I am an ill woman, who had been kidnapped and raped…I will fight for my rights."
Wife seeks divorce over dress
A newly-wed Kuwait woman told her husband in public to divorce her immediately after he refused to buy her an expensive dress while shopping in a crowded mall, a newspaper in the oil-rich Gulf emirate reported on Tuesday.
The couple, who have been married for only a few days, were shopping in Salimyya area in Kuwait City when the wife saw that dress.
“She asked her husband to buy it for her but he refused because of its high price and asked her to forget it,” Alwatan daily said.
“Suddenly, she grabbed his shoulder and screamed at him…she then said ‘why did you marry me if you can not buy a dress’….she then asked him to divorce her at once,” the Arabic language daily said.
“She also phoned her brother, who sided with her…a heated argument developed and police were called to the scene….police told them to go home and resolve their problems or they will take them to the police station.”
Two harassers to “wash the dead” for one week
A judge in Riyadh went out of the way and ordered two Saudi teen age boys caught harassing women at a busy shopping mall to serve on week at a dead washing centre, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.
The two were arrested harassing girls at the mall in the capital Riyadh just two weeks after authorities decided to lift a ban on the entry of bachelors to malls.
More than 20 men have been sentenced to brief jail terms and lashing over the past week for molesting and harassing women at malls.
“The judge ordered the two boys to serve one week at the capital’s dead washing centre for harassing girls,” Sabq daily said.
Two Saudi brothers beheaded for murder
Two Saudi brothers were beheaded on Monday after they were convicted of murdering another Saudi man, the official media reported on Tuesday.
Mohammed Al Muthairbi and his brother Saleem were executed in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah for using a hammer and knives to kill Saad bin Fadghoush during a fight, the Saudi press agency said.
The sentence by the general court in the city was endorsed by the Gulf Kingdom’s top judiciary and King Abdullah, the agency said without mentioning the age of the brothers and the victim.
Killers are executed in Saudi Arabia under Islamic law but they could walk free if pardoned by the victim’s relatives in return for diya (blood money).

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