Saturday, March 31, 2012

இஸ்லாமிய ஷரியா மனைவியை அடித்த கணவனுக்கு 7 வருட சிறை, அடிவாங்கிய மனைவிக்கு 9 வருட சிறை

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A prosecutor has demanded a seven-year prison sentence for an abusive ex-husband and nine years for his beaten ex-wife, who bit her ex-husband's hand while he was hitting her, in Ankara.
The Habertürk daily reported on Thursday that both of the ex-spouses filed complaints against each other with the Ankara Public Prosecutor's Office on charges of violence. The prosecutors demanded seven years for Oğuz Berksun, who is a professor at Ankara University, and nine years for psychiatrist, Elif Usal.
Usal, who spoke to the daily, said they divorced a month ago. “On the day when the incident occurred, I went to our house to find my ex-husband. His mother and sister were packing up my belongings. I tried to stop them from doing this, but my ex-husband started choking me. In order to escape I bit his hand. After managing to escape, I called the police,” Usal stated.
Berksun denies his ex-wife's claims and says that in actual fact his ex-wife committed violence against him.

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