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மசூதியில் செருப்பு காணாமல் போனதற்காக கலவரம்- 4 பேர் பலி- கராச்சி பாகிஸ்தான்

மசூதியில் செருப்பு காணாமல் போனதற்காக கலவரம்- 4 பேர் பலி- கராச்சி பாகிஸ்தான்
our correspondentSaturday, May 19, 2012
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Four people, including a young boy, were killed and four others sustained bullet wounds when the parents and relatives of two boys indulged in an armed clash over the theft of a pair of slippers from a mosque after Friday prayers in the Sharafi Goth police limits.

Fazal Mehmood Khan, 52, Sheraz Khan, 40, Dawa Sher, 35 and Hayat Muhammad Khan, 13, were killed, while Zakaullah, Riasat Bibi,

Muslim Khan and Amjad

sustained bullet wounds in the clash between two groups near Bilal Masjid situated in Mansehra Colony.

After the incident, the law enforcement agencies personnel rushed to the scene and apprehended six suspects from the spot.

All the dead and the injured were taken to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre.

According to the SHO Sharafi Goth police station, some children started quarrelling at Bilal Masjid after Friday prayers over the stealing of a pair of slippers and their elders soon got involved in the dispute and resorted to free use of firearms. The clash claimed the lives of four people and left four others injured.

The dispute started

when a boy stole the slippers of his friend from the mosque and during the search one of his neighbours told him the name of the child who did it.

The boy immediately went to his friend’s house and started beating him. Upon coming to know about the incident the elders of the two boys reached the place, took out weapons and targeted the opponents.

Police detained six people from both the sides but no FIR was lodged till the filing of this report.

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