Thursday, February 05, 2009

இலங்கை சுதந்திர நாளுக்கு அமெரிக்க ஜனாதிபதி பராக் ஒபாமா வாழ்த்துச்செய்தி

என்னத்தைச் சொல்ல?
The full text of President Obama’s letter follows:

Dear Mr. President:

As the people of Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan origin around the world celebrate National Day on February 4, I send my warmest greetings and wishes to you on behalf of the people of the United States.

The United States values its enduring friendship with the people of Sri Lanka. I hope that the coming year will see advancement of our shared beliefs in democracy, liberty, pluralism, and respect for human rights. Our governments together can work to foster peace, prosperity, and stability throughout Sri Lanka.

As the people of Sri Lanka celebrate National Day, they should know that they have a friend and partner in the United States.


Barack Obama